GDPR at Green Meadow Primary

Date: 4th Jun 2018

Data Protection law is changing. A new set of rules will come into play from May 2018. It's called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.


The new law aims to give more control to individuals over their data and asks us here at Green Meadow Primary School to take more responsiblities for how we collect and hold your data.


The rules can be seen as the following six themes.

  1. Know what you have and why you have it.
  2. Manage data in a structured way.
  3. Know who is responsible for it.
  4. Encrypt data that should be kept secure.
  5. Creating a security-aware environment.
  6. Be prepared!

We have updated our policies to show how we meet these new rules and you can view them in the Policies section.

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